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Introducing MotherClucker, Part of the Byron Burger family

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Mother Clucker was born one night after friends Ross & Brittney, had a few too many beers and decided to make the best Fried Chicken Known to Man! They had an idea, a name, a home fryer, countless attempts to get it right, and a passion to make it work, and just like that a plan was hatched , and the Cluckers they became! After moving on from experimenting in their home kitchen, Mother Clucker popped up anywhere people requested chicken- street food stalls, festivals & private events… if chicken was needed, Mother Clucker was there! From Southbank Christmas Market to Backyard Cinema in Clapham via Hoxton Seven & Peckham Springs (doing bar residencies) they trekked all over London spreading the message . That’s also when StreetFeast was born in London – this new movement of street food pops ups would come together at weekends finding cool locations to create a hangout for people to enjoy food & drinks. Mother Clucker, of course starred there too! Around this point Alex Carr aka Papa Cluck joined the team and added the OG MC Hot Pepper sauce, zesty lime mayo and an even better chicken recipe inspired by his roots in Deep South USA MC were getting so busy they needed a bigger food truck so cue the purchase of a shipping container , turning it into their permanent residence at Truman Brewery, from 2013. From then to now, to their very first bricks and mortar store in trendy Islington, London in 2022, it’s been an amazing, cluckin’ journey! MC’s chicken really is the only story in town: we do the best chicken; authentic, tempting, from the heart food. We’re not just amazing, we’re outrageously just-can’t get-enough-addictive. Visit Mother Clucker here

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